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Former senior British military advisor Major General Chip Chapman discussed how Iran is planning on gifting Russia with top-of-the-range drones, on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s up-and-coming visit to Tehran. Major Chapman explained the various types of military drones that are likely to be given to Russia. Putin has been trying to up the ante on his illegal invasion of Ukraine, calling on his middle-eastern allies to try and succeed.

Major General Chapman told Times Radio: “One of the things that Putin believes is that time is on his side and that the West will eventually tire of supporting Ukraine.

“I don’t think that is true in the short term, but of course, from the American side, the end of their financial year comes on the 30th of September.

“So the quarter one for them, i.e post-September, will be an interesting one.”

He continued: “We always put Iran into the bucket of countries called the king countries.

“When we look at the domain of cyber, so China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are the malign actors in the cyber field.

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General Chapman added: “So what we expect to come out of this is that there will be an offer of a significant number of drones for Russia from Iran.

“Which in itself is interesting because of course, the Russians are taking a hammering at the moment, both in terms of their ammo dumps, their logistic hubs, and their command and control.

“And that is to do with the Russian HIMARS, that’s the high mobility artillery rocket system along with the MERS multiple launch rocket system.

“So one of the ways to negate that is to go HIMARS hunting really by using various types of drones, now we don’t know what sort of drones they might use.

“And of course drones come into various types or five types, if you look across the panoply there for micro, small, tactical medium altitude to high altitude.

“And they are all based on either range speed size or mission, so we don’t know what type of drones they’ll get so saying what that means will be the indicator of what Russians want and for what purpose.”

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