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Footage released on social media showed a Russian BTR-D being blown up as a result of artillery strikes by the Ukrainian 28th Mechanized Brigade in Kherson Oblast. The Ukrainian brigade can be seen aiming at the tank, locking onto their target, before a more distant view shows the tank up in flames. It follows a renewed Ukrainian offensive against Russia using US-supplied long-range rocket launchers. 

The tank the Brigade took out is a Soviet airborne multi-purpose tracked armoured personnel carrier.

It is state-of-the-art Russian equipment designed without a turret to carry more heavily equipped troops inside. 

The 28th Brigade is currently fighting their second battle against Russia after participating in the first war in 2014. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky awarded them the title 28th Separate Mechanized Brigade, named after the Knights of the First Winter Campaign, for their fighting in 2014. 

The successful strikes came as Ukraine launched long-range rocket attacks on Russian forces in southern Ukraine and destroyed an ammunition store, its military said, as Russia continued to pound the country’s east.

The strike on Nova Kakhovka in the Kherson region killed 52 people, Ukraine’s military said on Tuesday. 

The town’s Russia-installed authorities said that at least seven people had been killed and around 70 injured, Russia’s TASS news agency reported.

The strike came after Washington supplied Ukraine with advanced HIMARS mobile artillery systems which Kyiv says its forces are using with growing efficiency.

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“Based on the results of our rocket and artillery units, the enemy lost 52 (people), an Msta-B howitzer, a mortar and seven armoured and other vehicles, as well as an ammunition depot in Nova Kakhovka,” Ukraine’s southern military command said in a statement.

The area is of strategic importance because of its Black Sea access, once-thriving agricultural industry, and location just north of Russian-annexed Crimea.

An official from the Russian-backed local administration said that Ukraine had used the HIMARS missiles and that they had destroyed warehouses containing saltpetre, a chemical compound that can be used to make fertilizer or gunpowder.

Vladimir Leontyev, head of the Russia-installed Kakhovka District military-civilian administration, was quoted by TASS as saying: “There are still many people under the rubble. The injured are being taken to the hospital, but many people are blocked in their apartments and houses.” 

He said that warehouses, shops, a pharmacy, gas stations and a church had been hit.


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