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Sky News Australia host Andrew Bolt said the world was a “very dangerous” place as he described the array of illicit Chinese activity in both the Indo Pacific and the . He spoke of an incident with the and as the latter nation “chased out” a US warship, before an aircraft carrier was placed by the Americans in the South China Sea to show they would “not be intimidated”. It comes as Pacific island leaders agreed to take a united approach as the United States and China vie for influence in the region. 

Mr Bolt said: “The world is getting so very dangerous, don’t you think? There is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

“There is also now Russia and China working together, now sending warships to Japanese islands claimed by China. 

“China this week also claimed it had chased out a US warship, chased it away from islands it had stolen in the South China sea. 

“Well, America immediately sent in an aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, to show that it would not be intimidated. And, of course, we now get reports that China also harassed an Australian warship as well. 

“To add to this is China’s threat to invade Taiwan. That war could be imminent. 

“All this, plus China’s massive military buildup, was on the mind of defence minister Richard Marles when he met the US defence secretary overnight and told him what was keeping him up at night.” 

Mr Marles said: “What we see is that international rules paced order being put under stress in the Indo-Pacific as China seeks to shape the world around it in a way we have not seen before. 

“It is engaging in the single biggest military buildup that we have seen in the world since the end of the second world war, and that is a very significant phenomenon.”

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