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The journalist further lambasted France President Emmanuel Macron for being “wrong” about NATO. President Macron voiced a tougher line on Russia on Wednesday and said Europe needed to send a strong signal to Ukraine as he sought to assuage concerns in Kyiv and among some European allies over his previous stance towards Moscow.

Mr Edginton wrote in The Telegraph: “Macron is wrong. The EU has been proved to be brain-dead, not NATO.

“Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has shown Brussels to be slow and ineffective.

“For the West to be effective nation-states must be united and act quickly.

“Britain’s decisive support for Ukraine makes EU foreign policy look defunct.”

NATO and EU states are pushing for better tracking of weapons supplied to Ukraine in response to fears that criminal groups are smuggling them out of the country and on to Europe’s black market.

Since Russia launched its war against Ukraine, western states have pledged more than $10billion (£8.4billion) in military support, from portable rocket launchers and armoured vehicles to rifles and vast amounts of ammunition.

Earlier, President Macron had described NATO as “brain dead”, stressing what he sees as waning commitment to the transatlantic alliance by its main guarantor, the US.

Interviewed by the Economist, he cited the US failure to consult NATO before pulling forces out of northern Syria.

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