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A column in the New York Post suggests it must be time for Democrats to invoke the 25th amendment to try and get Joe Biden out of office before his approval ratings drop even further ahead of the 2024 election. With a 25th amendment, Democrats could decide Joe Biden is ill-suited to govern due to illness or simply because he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of the office.” The President’s multiple blunders have raised concerns about his ability to run the country. Many critics have pinpointed his advanced age for his repeated gaffes.

Speaking to TalkTV, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci also voiced his concerns Mr Biden’s age is playing a significant role in his repeated faux pas.

He said: “I think the President is still with it. One of the issues that he has is his age.

“And so, when you’re dealing with people and this isn’t an ageism comment, this is just a medical observation, the president looks like he’s got 5 possibly six good hours a day of sharp activity.

“And unfortunately, that job requires 20 hours a day. And so, I think his staff is trying to manage around that dilemma.”


“But you and I have had this conversation before. I don’t think he should be running again,” Mr Scaramucci said.

“That is a job for a younger person. I hate to say that. People will be mad at me probably in this age of political correctness. But it’s just not the right time…”

TalktTV host Piers Morgan cut him off, saying: “Well, I think it entirely depends, you know, like a good friend of mine is Dame Joans Collins. You wouldn’t meet a more lively, dynamic, energetic woman. And she’s in it. She won’t even want me to say how old she is – in her late 80s.”

Mr Morgan went on to move a mash-up video clip of Joe Biden’s most cringe-making moments.

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