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Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko told GB News that the resignation of showed that tactics of starving the world of energy and food is working. Mr Goncharenko claimed that was what Russian President was “waiting for”, before adding that the situation would only get worse over the winter. He predicted a “disaster” as citizens outside of Ukraine start to feel the burden of a war in Ukraine and show discontent towards their respective governments .

Mr Goncharenko said: “What I can tell you is there was a big party in the Kremlin when Boris Johnson resigned. 

“It was in all Russian propaganda at the time. It was said by everybody except Putin himself that they were so happy. 

“It was like candy being given to all of them. It shows that they were scared of Boris Johnson and they were scared of the leadership he showed. 

“That’s the fact. I’m just saying what I see and the reaction and that is the truth.

“The party they had was probably the biggest party for a while because all the rest of the time they have had losses. 

“They lost their flagship, they lost more than 30,000 people. They lost all the reputation that they could have. They committed genocide. 

“And now, finally, they see that their tactics of putting calls to the west about the Black Sea and grain prices, they want British people to go to the pubs and see that fish and chips are much more expensive, are starting to work.

“That’s why they are waiting for winter, hoping that people in the world will remark on the high prices of energy and food and say ‘this government is doing a bad job. Let’s give Putin whatever he wants’. 

“That’s what [Putin] is waiting for, and that will be the worst case scenario because that will mean we will end up having a bigger war, no food, no energy, and that will be a disaster.” 

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