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Violent footage caught on CCTV showed Ukrainian civilians fleeing for their lives. The missile strike hit civilian locations in the city of Vinnytsia, causing mass destruction. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has condemned the Russian attack on his people, as it has been reported that there were up to 20 casualties including young children. Ukrainian rescue teams have been searching for survivors in the aftermath of the bombardment, as some civilians may be trapped under heavy debris.

The CCTV footage shows civilians walking through the city calmly seconds before the missile strike begins.

A man and a woman appear on bicycles, and both fall off as missiles begin to hit the ground, due to the impact of the bombs.

Deadly shrapnel can be seen flying everywhere as the female cyclist lays on the ground for cover, and her male companion runs back the way he cycled, leaving his bike behind.

A dog can be seen running for its life and a man can be seen with his hands on his head for protection, fleeing the scene.

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Users on Twitter have been furiously reacting to the brutal scenes captured in the CCTV footage.

One user @Barrye928 said: “Putin lives up to his status of being the new Stalin. A terrorist!!”

@IrinaChern said: “How many more Ukrainian children have to die before we do something proper about it? Close the sky over Ukraine now!!!!”

@Asif_C said: “People are living war in different parts of the world every day. I can’t imagine how they feel. I feel scared watching this clip let alone those who suffer every day. We need to do more to create peace in this world and stop the suffering. Where are our world leaders?”

@MilanVareka said: “You can’t create peace without defeating the offenders first.”

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Due to the reporting of mass war crimes committed by Russia, there has been talk of Russian President Vladimir Putin facing a Nurenberg-style trial after the war.

Dr William Pomeranz told the Express exclusively: “Russia is not a member of the International Criminal Court.

“It is unlikely that the Russian Federation would extradite him anyway so that he could face charges.

“So, unless there is a change of regime and a willingness not to protect Putin, I don’t think that Putin will find himself in the dock anytime soon.

“However, there are other ways to pursue these charges.

“And at least in terms of Ukraine, Ukraine will essentially try to litigate and charge Putin with engaging in an unprovoked, aggressive war.

“These are also charges that emerged from Nuremberg but that were not the main charges.”


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