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Five Ukrainian torture victims were liberated from the makeshift prison as footage shows a group of specialist armed forces breaking through a mine fence and killing the enemy soldiers. Due to the speed and organisation of the mission, the Russian troops were caught unawares by the attack and were quickly overcome. The footage shows the special forces navigating through the building, eliminating the torturers and swiftly freeing the Ukrainian victims. 

The narrator of the video said: “This is how the special operation begins. A group of special forces crosses the front line and moves towards a Russian secret torture site. 

“The main ‘surprise’ is the booby traps. The building where the prison was set up was surrounded on all sides with mines and stretchers.

“Specialists quickly made a hole in the mine fence and came close to the house.” 

The group commander of the operation said: “When we went in, we did not see everything. Everything around this facility was mined and it made the situation difficult.”

The narrator continued: “The Russian soldier did not have time to realise what was going on. 

“The ‘executioners’ inside the house were also quickly eliminated. A few seconds later the freed prisoners were brought out. 

“The main thing recovered was the documents of all Russian military who had tortured Ukrainians.” 

Asked about his emotions during the rescue mission, the group commander said: “We try not to get emotional during the mission. There’s a mission, there’s an objective, we just had to take it down.” 

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