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The video footage distributed by Ukraine’s 80th Air Assault Brigade has been circulating on social media. The attack happened close to the Eastern front in Ukraine, where heavy fighting has been taking black between the two neighbouring countries. The video shows Ukraine’s servicemen using a Stugna-P ATGM to strike with accurate precision. The ongoing Russian assault on Ukraine has been heating up in recent weeks as Ukraine fights to push back on Russian advancement.

Ukraine’s 80th Air Assault Brigade zoom in on a military monitor at what appears to be a Russian armoured vehicle.

Ukraine’s armed forces lock into the Russian target and begin to take aim using a gStugna-P ATGM.

The serviceman then strike the armoured vehicle with one straight hit.

The vehicle is completely obliterated, and a big ball of smoke instantly engulfs the vehicle.

And all that is left is a scorch mark on the ground, the vehicle completely disappears after detonation.

There have been no casualties reported by Russian forces, and as of yet, it is unknown if any Russian servicemen were in the armoured vehicle.

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User on social media have been reacting to the video footage released by Ukrainian servicemen.

One user @Herr_Elle said: “Small but nearly instant cook off – less than one second after impact. If crew was inside, I cannot see how it could survive.”

@InvadersMustDy said: “burn nazis burn!”

@Ireland4Ukraine said: “Looks like a tank?”

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