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Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, head of the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces, told Sophie Raworth on BBC that is “struggling in terms of their numbers” because so many citizens are refusing to fight. He said the military recruiters have been forced to look at “more rural areas” since so many in the cities are “avoiding” being called up. He added that the morale both among the troops and the Russian citizens is low. 

Ms Raworth said: “How much more do you know, through intelligence, about the state of Russian morale? 

“Are the troops still demoralised or do they feel they are winning something?” 

Admiral Sir Tony said: “So, there are some Russian troops that are clearly effective. They are taking ground and they are being successful. 

“But the overall force is struggling. They are struggling in terms of their numbers but they are especially struggling in terms of their morale. 

“And you’re seeing that with the inability of President Putin to match the people to the equipment that he has. 

“Russia has just done a mobilisation of effectively trying to call on reservists but it has achieved 30 percent of the numbers that it would normally achieve. 

“More and more they are having to go to the more rural areas of Russia because people are avoiding the military call-up in the cities.” 

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