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Kira Rudik warned the world that the next world war had already started due to the involvement of multiple countries around the globe in her country’s pushback against Russia. The Ukrainian MP also claimed countries around the world were just biding their time, and preparing for a wider physical conflict to kick off. Russia has been invading neighbouring Ukraine for over four months and peace talks between the two countries have halted, as NATO-aligned countries continue to support Ukraine to help them fight off the onslaught.

Ms Rudik exclusively told “I think at the beginning of the war in Ukraine when Russia attacked us was actually the start of World War Three.

“Because if you indeed see the involvement of the countries, it’s like half of the world is involved.

“And half of the world is watching, but also in some cases supporting either Ukraine or Russia.

“So it’s already happening and everybody is just biding themselves time to prepare.”

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Ms Rudik added: “But we know that the war is inevitable, and it will because it’s already happening.

“Look… The output is… We are supported by almost all European countries and by NATO allies who are sending the weapons for us to fight Russia.”

Ongoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to continue supporting Ukraine despite being ousted as Prime Minister last week.

Boris Johnson has made multiple trips to Ukraine to offer weapons, money and aid.

On Mr Johnson’s last visit he promised to train 10,000 Ukrainian troops every 120 days.

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Ex-NATO commander General added: “And anyone who knows the Kremlin knows that they have fought like that since 2014.

“This war did not begin on the 24th of February, it began in 2014 and we now have to catch up… Play catch up in a way to really insure that we are ready.

“And this will have profound consequences in terms of our society, our economies, our defence spending, our industrial capacity.

“And our willingness to do what needs to be done to ensure that ultimately Putin and Putinism is defeated, because there will be no peace in Europe while he lives in the Kremlin.”


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