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There have been a lot of rumours about Vladimir Putin’s “grave illness” and I suspect the dictator is probably standing in death’s hallway. I also fear he now has nothing to lose and his war in Ukraine is his dying wish.

Unfortunately, as he faces his mortality, many religious leaders across russia are happy to support Putin’s evil regime.

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All russia – the head of the Orthodox Church in russia – is a close ally of Putin.

He is nothing more than an organ of the russian State and a wealthy oligarch, and it is not surprising he is on Britain’s sanctions list.

Kirill, who strongly supports the war against Ukraine, has been quoted as saying: “We have been raised throughout our history to love our fatherland, and we will be ready to protect it, as only russians can defend their country.”

Priests all over russia are encouraged to brainwash parishioners, too.

Archpriest Igor Pashmenov justifies the aggression, preaching: “What can and should we Orthodox patriots do now?

“We must pray daily for our president, who has become the true leader of our people.”

Is God even losing his patience with this? Kirill recently fell during a church service, slipping on the holy water on the expensive marble floor.

Another Putin mouthpiece is Aleksandr Dugin, the far-right occult writer and philosopher, who is considered to be Putin’s rasputin.

Putin’s idea of destroying Ukraine is not about restoring the Soviet Union. his goal is eurasianism – establishing eurasia as a world power to displace America.

The ideology of eurasianism was founded by Dugin nearly 30 years ago.

In his book, Dugin said: “An independent Ukraine stands in the way of russia becoming a transcontinental superpower.” his aim is laid out as “uniting europe and Asia into one great empire, ruled by ethnic russians”.

Dugin has been Putin’s mentor for 22 years, and in 2000 in his presidential speech Putin said: “russia has always perceived itself as a eurasian country.”

My favourite russian writer, Dmitry Bukov, is concerned government is preventing the nation from development. It’s easier to rule uneducated people.

Bukov said: “Putin cannot compete globally, he fails. That’s why he is so keen to close russian borders.

“Inside the country, with no competitors, he feels his power.”

When Putin invaded Ukraine I was sure the russians wouldn’t dare to kill us but they are zombified. My friend made a wish while blowing out her birthday candles. She said: “I wish Putin is dead.” I told her: “Don’t say it aloud otherwise it will not come true.”

A UKRAINIAN teenager who has been desperate to flee the war-torn country to live with friends in Britain has given up her fight for a visa after being repeatedly thwarted by red tape.

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