From go-karts to Formula 3: Manitoban takes 3rd place in German race

Winnipegger David Richert made it to the podium this weekend at a Formula 3 race in Germany.

The race car driver placed third in the Drexler Automotive Formula 3 Cup in Hochenheim, despite his vehicle becoming stuck in fourth gear during his last lap.

“I’m maybe a little bit disappointed that we only got up to third place. I really would have liked to be second or won the whole race altogether,” he said in an interview with CBC News on Monday.

“But just to come from a farm in Manitoba all the way to Europe and Germany and get on a podium and come away with the trophy is still a fun, special feeling.”

Richert, who grew up in Niverville, Man., started racing go-karts nearly 20 years ago when he was a youth in the Interlake town of Gimli. That ignited a passion in him for the sport.

Two red racecars are pictured on a track
David Richert (left) competed in the Drexler Automotive Formula 3 Cup on the weeked and placed third. (Submitted by David Richert)

“I realized if you want to play hockey, you come to Canada. If you want to drive race cars, you come to Europe. So I tried everything I could to get to Europe and sort of hone my skills here,” he said.

He credits his support network in Manitoba for his success.

“I’m so thankful to the community in Manitoba for all of the support that they’ve given to me … So many people have helped me to succeed in the sport and get me to the place that I can get over here to Europe and chase this dream and this passion of mine.”

Richert will take a break over the summer and compete in the championships in Brno, Czech Republic, from Sept. 9-11.

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