Putin rocked as 40-wagon train carrying troops from Crimea blown up ‘Turned to coals’ | World | News

According to Odesa Oblast Administration, Ukraine hit a 40-car train transporting Russian troops, equipment and ammunition from Crimea on July 31, killing around 80 Russian soldiers and injuring around 200. Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko announced the blast on Facebook.

He wrote: “On the night of Friday to Saturday, a high-precision HIMARS strike destroyed a train of more than 40 wagons, which arrived from Crimea with manpower, equipment, and ammunition at the Brilevka railway station, Kherson region.”

He added the manpower of the occupiers “turned into coals, equipment into piles of scrap metal, and the BC flew into the air”.

Mr Gerashchenko continued: “Each echelon with military equipment, personnel and ammunition is tracked in real-time from space, day and night.

“If your relatives work as machinists in Ukrainian Crimea or in the regions of the Russian Federation from which trains with ammunition are delivered to the territory of Ukraine, you should know that they are potential suicide bombers!”

Reacting to the news, Twitter users celebrated the attack.

Mark David wrote: “Wow, this is good news!”

Twitter user The Fall Guy added: “Good shooting boys!”

Ukrainian user Jan Sawka joked: “Our way of saying welcome to the war, have a blast!”

And user Kormla added: “News we want to be hearing.”

Ukrainian troops have been consistently targeting ammunition depots and cargos to slow Russian plans.

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