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On Sunday, the took part in drills focusing on land attacks as well as launching the airstrikes as they continue their exercises in response to Nancy Pelosi’s visit to .

According to state media from Beijing, the exercises, taking place in six zones around the island, were scheduled to begin on Thursday and end on Sunday.

The Eastern Theatre Command of the Chinese military posted a statement on their Weibo account saying the “planned” drills had “focused on joint fire land strikes and long-range air strike capabilities”.

However, they did not specify whether they planned to carry out any more, reported CNN.

The Taiwanese Defence Ministry said that at around 5pm local time (10am GMT) 66 Chinese warplanes and 14 Chinese vessels were located around the Taiwan Strait.

Out of the 22 jets that flew into Taiwanese airspace, 12 crossed the median line.

Taipei slammed the drills as a “simulated attack against the main island of Taiwan and Taiwan’s naval vessels”.

They added that their military had “closely monitored” the situation and had deployed aircraft and vessels to “appropriately” respond to the Chinese threat.

Beijing announced they would be carrying out military exercises around the island, which it views as part of its sovereign territory, after Speaker Nancy Pelosi paid a brief but powerful visit to Taiwan.

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There are now fears that the US could become locked into conflict with allies Putin and President Xi Jinping, with both Russia and China having nuclear capabilities.

President Biden even publicly confessed that the US military felt the trip was “not a good idea right now” amid global instability.

The Guardian reported that although America is required by law to provide Taiwan with the means to defend itself, it has never directly promised to intervene militarily in a conflict with China.

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