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Russian State Duma member Aleksey Zhuravlyov used Russian state-controlled TV to threaten to murder reporter Björn Stritzel and other German reporters who have been covering the invasion of Ukraine on the ground. Addressing the journalist, he said, “I want to tell this Nazi ‘all of us will come and kill all of you!”. Russian pundits have adopted an increasingly hostile language towards the West, particularly against Germany and Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Speaking on Channel 1, Zhuravlyov said: “I don’t give a damn, I want to tell this Nazi ‘B***h, all of us will come and kill all of you!”

In light of the threat and in attempt to stop Zhuravlyov from making further murder threats, another TV host, Yevgeny Popov, pointed out: “These are journalists.”

The Russian MP however admitted he did not care, hitting out: “I could care less.”

“Those are propagandists, but let’s not be like that.”

Zhuravlyov said: “I don’t care!

Referring to the German journalist, he added: “I’m going there, if I see him.”

Popov said: “Let’s not kill anybody, you’re threatening people on our programme.”

Zhuravlyov reacted and concluded: “That’s right, I am, so what? So what?”.

Referring to the German coverage of the war in Ukraine, Popov had previously said: “Our great-grandparents have been burning and the equipment of your great-grandparents gave you a whopping.

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