Joe Biden travels to flood-ravaged Kentucky to find ‘heartbreaking’ destruction | World | News

Mr Biden arrived in the area to find homes washed away and a destroyed school after the floods have killed 37 people. Kentucky has been hit with massive flash flooding in the last week which has caused massive destruction to the area.

Joe Biden travelled to Kentucky alongside First Lady Jill Biden in his first official trip since recovering from covid.

The couple surveyed the area, which contained debris and shelled-out buildings and said he would continue to support the people of Kentucky.

He described the surrounding area as “incredibly heartbreaking”.

Mr Biden said “’The bad news for you is I’m coming back because I want to see it” which led to laughter and applause from the crowd.

The President stood outside a demolished home and pledged that the government would support Kentucky through this disaster.

He said: “Everybody has an obligation to help” and added that he will ensure Kentucky is rebuilt to be more resilient to natural disasters.

President Joe Biden spoke about the effects of climate change while on this trip and praised the Inflation Reduction Act, a bill which passed the Senate on Sunday

The legislation is the largest expenditure ever made by the American Government to help towards fighting climate change, which Mr Biden described as a “big deal”.

Kentucky has faced unusual rain storms this year and eight months ago the area experience a tornado disaster which killed over 75 people.

Parts of America are also experiencing heatwaves at the moment, which researchers suggest may become a normal summer occurrence by 2050 due to climate change.

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On Monday evening, the President wrote a heartfelt message to Kentucky on social media.

On Twitter he said: “To the people of Kentucky: Jill and I want you to know that the country is with you.

“We’re praying for the families of those who died and everyone who lost homes and businesses who will never be the same.

“I’m committed to Kentucky’s recovery after this catastrophic flooding.

“We’re allocating millions in aid, providing grants for temporary housing and loans to help cover property losses, and we’ve committed to covering 100% of the emergency work for 30 days to rebuild communities.”

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