Joe Biden: Gaffe-prone POTUS stumbles on return from Covid as wife Jill comes to rescue | World | News

In the latest video, the US President, who is in recovery mode after getting infected with COVID-19, was seen on video trying for 30 seconds to put his arm through the sleeve of his suit, which was being blown by the wind from the Marine One helicopter’s blades. Moments later, the 79-year-old dropped his signature aviator sunglasses to the ground and had to bend down to pick them up.

The President and First Lady were in Kentucky to meet with first responders and families who had lost homes after the worst flooding in the state’s history in late July.

Mr Biden forewent his formal remarks to speak off the cuff after he spent Monday afternoon visiting with families affected by the floods and receiving a briefing on volunteer efforts.

He praised the spirits of the people of Kentucky and vowed the government would be there for them.

Biden said: “I promise you. We’re staying the federal government along with the state and county and the city.

“We’re staying until everybody’s back to where they were – not a joke.”

During his stop at Marie Roberts-Caney Elementary school, he received a briefing and joined Jill Biden in the school gym, where she was helping volunteers sort and folding donated clothing.

Biden fist bumped some volunteers, shook hands with others and chatted with many.

During the formal briefing, he talked about flying over the area.

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It was his first official trip after testing positive for coronavirus last month, after which he was holed up in the White House for more than two weeks in isolation.

He tested negative on Sunday and was deemed fit to safely return to public engagement and presidential travel by his doctor.

He still appeared to be getting over his illness, coughing through a speech at the White House for a signing ceremony for the Chips Act, a bipartisan bill which aims to strengthen US competitiveness with China by investing billions of dollars in domestic semiconductor manufacturing and scientific research.

Biden also had another moment of confusion after appearing to wait for a handshake which he had already received.

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Chuck Schumer, the US Senate majority leader, turned around to shake hands with Mr Biden and the other US officials with him after he delivered a speech.

A few seconds after shaking hands with Mr Biden, the 46th President appeared to reach out his hand again.

Tuesday’s mishap is not the first time that the President has appeared to wait for a handshake, as he seemingly turned to shake hands with no one after a speech in Tel Aviv, Israel, last month.

Mr Biden, who will turn 80 in November, is the oldest US President ever elected, prompting concerns from both Republicans and Democrats about his physical and mental fitness for office in the event that he seeks a second term.

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