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Former US Foreign Service Officer Mark Fitzpatrick explained how a possible accident at the now Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia power plant would be a “huge dirty bomb” affecting Ukraine and other surrounding areas. Mr Fitzpatrick claimed that the shelling outside the power plant could cut the electricity which could also cause a disaster as it would disrupt the systems running the plant. The former Foreign Service Officer warned that a possible nuclear catastrophe would be worse than Chornobyl.

Military experts in the West have been on high alert this week, due to ongoing shelling by Russian forces around the Zaporizhzhia power plant.

Mr Fitzpatrick told Times Radio: “It’s not too hard to imagine that we could get to such a disaster scenario.

“Nuclear power plants are engineered, over-engineered with various redundancies for safety.

“If the power outside to the power plant is cut off which could very well happen as a result of shelling.

“There are diesel generators back up and there is extra diesel fuel at the power plant, to keep the cooling systems and other operational systems going.

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Mr Fitzpatrick added: “But in a fighting scenario those kinds of backup systems could also be affected, and it’s not too hard to imagine that we could get to such a disaster scenario.

“These six nuclear power plants have, over the course of their production of electricity, generated a thousand tons of spent nuclear fuel that has been cooling.

“And if that spent fuel is not continually cooled if there’s a loss of electricity to the pumps and the water cooling them would evaporate, that would be a major disaster, it would be a huge dirty bomb, in fact, worse than the radiation spread that happened after Fukushima in Japan lost power.

“Worse probably than Chornobyl, it’s like a fire is breaking out all around the world, I’m concerned about, you know political conflicts in Taiwan and then there a real fire, a conflict going on in Gaza.”

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Andriy Yusov, Ukrainian military intelligence chief said: “We have seen the Russian shelling of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

“If it’s not true, the Russians can make a goodwill gesture and hand over control of the plant to an international commission and the IAEA, if not to the Ukrainian military.”

Mr Yusov has explained that these were the same tactics used when the Russian took over Chornobyl.

“This is a strategy of terror and scorched earth used by the Russians ahead of an inevitable Ukrainian counter-offensive in the south,”


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