China to unleash terrifying unmanned high-altitude helicopter amid tensions with Taiwan | World | News

China, recently launched “precision missile strikes” around Taiwan during its military exercises as a punishment for the country welcoming US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for democratisation talks. According to the reports, China’s much-touted revolutionary chopper is also ready to be rolled out.

Taking to Twitter, an anonymous Chinese military aviation researcher warned that the terrifying new tech had been successfully tested.

They said: “Various Chinese media outlets report that the AR-500CJ has successfully conducted its maiden flight.

“It is specifically designed to operate from naval vessels … and the new green primer seems to support this.”

The helicopter’s manufacturer AVIC claims that the craft completed a vertical-takeoff-and-landing at its facility in Poyang, Jiangxi.

When fully operational the tech has several scary capabilities.

The AR-500C is capable of taking off from an altitude of 5000 meters, can reach heights of 6700 meters and travel as fast as 170km an hour.

It’s planned to be used for reconnaissance but can also be outfitted for combat attacks and electronic warfare.

The drone can also carry bombs and laser-guided missiles and can travel for as long as five hours without refuelling.

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Lightweight shipborne unmanned helicopters like AR-500BJ can be used for both military and civilian applications, such as maritime search and rescue, patrolling and investigation, experts said.

In December 2020, China’s first domestically developed vessel-borne lightweight helicopter drone AR-500B made its maiden flight, making up for China’s lack of a type of ship-based lightweight helicopter drone.

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