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Ukraine has stood defiant throughout the conflict which began at the end of February when Russia invaded under the guise of a ‘special military operation’. There has been no point throughout the conflict where Ukraine has faltered as they gained the immediate support of Western allies and the public across Europe and beyond.

As Putin’s forces tried their best to instil fear and surrender in both Ukrainian troops and Ukrainian civilians.

An iconic moment of the conflict which epitomised Ukraine’s strength was when a Russian warship communicated to Ukrainian border guards at the now infamous Snake Island.

As the Russian warship demanded the Ukrainians surrender the border guards replied: “Russian warship, go f*** yourself”.

The moment went viral across the world and in Ukraine became a moment to be immortalised in a commemorative statue and stamp to remind them to continue fighting.

Now almost six months into the conflict the strength of the Ukrainians has not waivered as a new poll shows that 98 percent of Ukrainians believe they will defeat Russia.

Illia Ponomarenko, a defence reporter for The Kyiv Independent tweeted: “A fresh poll: 98 percent of Ukrainians are sure Russia is going to be defeated.

“Missile terror is not working, Vladimir Vladimirovich.”

In response to the tweet, Professor of Strategic Studies Phillips P. O’Brien tweeted: “This extraordinary poll result is worthy of note.

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“Six months into the war, and having experienced the best that Russia could produce militarily, Ukrainians almost unanimously believe that they can win.”

The UK Ministry of Defence posted an intelligence update that mentioned how Russia is struggling with its military equipment.

The update said: “Russia is highly unlikely to be capable of fulfilling some export orders for armoured fighting vehicles because of the exceptional demand for vehicles for Russia’s own forces in Ukraine, and the increasing effect of Western sanctions.

“Belarus has recently released details of a new domestically upgraded T-72B main battle tank (MBT).

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“Belarus probably developed this alternative solution in place of a MBT modification programme previously contracted to Russian state-owned company UralVagonZavod.”

It added: “Russia has long considered the defence industry to be one of its most important export successes.

“However, its military industrial capacity is now under significant strain, and the credibility of many of its weapon systems has been undermined by their association with Russian forces’ poor performance in the Ukraine war.”

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