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The Ukrainian MP claimed winning the war against Russia was the first focus of her country to ensure the complete end of all violence against her people. The ongoing war in Ukraine has seen multiple atrocities committed against innocent men, women, and children. She insisted international collaboration is key to recording all evidence of crimes committed to swiftly proceed to prosecute Vladimir Putin and his allies for the misconduct of Russian troops.

Ms Rudik told “Well, there are two sides, the first one is I think all the efforts right now need to be on ending the war and making sure that we win.

“This is the first one because otherwise, we will be doing many many recordings of their war crimes.

“Second is actually working with the crimes that they’ve already committed, and for that, we have a task force in Ukraine.

“And we are working with international criminal courts and we are working with many other organisations who are helping out to record the crimes and process them.

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Ms Rudik added: “There would be again, two ways of going at it, the first is prosecuting the ones who were actually executing the orders, the ones who were… The soldiers that were bombarding them, the shopping mall.

“Soldiers who were raping women in Bucha, soldiers who were killing children, so that all is in our capacity to process.

“But the most important one is to prosecute Putin and his closest surrounding, who are actually responsible for all the crimes, and for that, we need to win the war.

An expert in war and criminality, Professor David Scheffer warned Ukrainians that Putin is ramping up his violence at this stage of the war.

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“There is so much exposure in the media to the commission of these crimes that never before have we really seen so much information flooding in that can establish the basis, not only for initial investigations, which are already underway, but also ultimately for prosecutions and determinations of state responsibility for Russian in various judicial forms.”

Many Western politicians have vowed to hold Putin and his allies to account for their war crimes.

Some have even predicted Nurenberg-style trials after the war, much like the ones held for the Nazis after World War II.


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