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War strategist Harry Kazianis told that Chinese President Mr Xi is likely to offer to supply weapons to Russia as tensions between the US and China escalate. This, he said, would put pressure on the US to supply more weapons to Ukraine in response, weakening the country’s own weapons stock. This comes after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last week.

Mr Kazianis said that China is “looking for lots of different asymmetric ways to push back against the united states and make them look bad.”

He explained: “I think what Xi is probably doing, is talking to Putin and saying, ‘Look, we weren’t very supportive of giving you weapons before but the situation has changed’.

“It wouldn’t even take a lot – a couple of hundred drones on the battlefield in Ukraine that are modern and state of the art from the Chinese would make a huge amount of difference for Russia.

“It would put pressure on the US to give more weapons to Ukraine.

“And the US is really pulling out those HIMARS and they’re pulling them out of US stock, so it’s literally weakening our capability to fight china.

“The whole thing is scary.”

Mr Kazianis warned that any conflict between the US and China would be a “bloodbath”.

He said: “I think it is extremely worrying but I think this is something that was going to happen no matter what.

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China reacted to Ms Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan with an unprecedented show of force, including four days of military drills encircling the independent nation.

China’s foreign ministry said Ms Pelosi’s visit has had “a severe impact on the political foundation of China-US relations and seriously infringes upon China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Since last Thursday, the People’s Liberation Army has sent more than 200 military aircraft and 50 warships toward the island, and launched a number of missile tests, according to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry.

Dozens of Chinese military planes have also crossed the unofficial sea border between Taiwan and China.

Speaking on Monday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that the show of force was a “warning” to those seeking Taiwan’s independence.

In a statement after landing in Taiwan, Ms Pelosi said: “Our congressional delegation’s visit to Taiwan honours America’s unwavering commitment to supporting Taiwan’s vibrant democracy.

“America’s solidarity with the 23 million people of Taiwan is more important today than ever, as the world faces a choice between autocracy and democracy.”

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