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Georgia was also invaded by the Kremlin’s army in 2008 after fighting broke out in the breakaway province of Abkhazia. The aftermath of the short war saw the Kremlin recognise the Georgian provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states. Despite the fallout from the 2008 conflict, Georgia has remained a popular holiday destination for ordinary Russians.

Located in the Caucasus, its Black Sea coastline and mountains have proved to be a magnet for tourists.

However, a Russian visitor complained bitterly of being made to feel unwelcome by locals after travelling there this summer.

He posted on his social media that locals had shouted “country of occupiers” at him, and said he was made to feel guilty about the war in Ukraine.

He wrote: “I was in Georgia. It’s a f*k up. Just don’t go there.

“The f*k up starts right at the border, where every car with Russian number plates is targeted by people who shout ‘country of occupiers’.

“On the streets, it’s also f*ked up. All the walls are covered in anti-Russian graffiti and slogans expressing support for Ukraine.

“You won’t be able to rent accommodation if you have a Russian passport.

“They might not serve you in a café. They know Russian but they talk to you on principle in English.

“They curse you for simply being Russian. They make you feel guilty about the war.”

“The Russian tourist added: “I had enough after two days. Just don’t go there if you are Russian.

“Don’t waste your money there. Only go if you come in a tank.”

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Ivan Govorov fumed: “It’s a a Russo-phobic place. They demand that you fill out a questionnaire in which you have to sling mud at Russia , say ‘Glory to Ukraine’ and to recognise our country as occupiers!”

While Aleksandr Isakov said: “The bar is implementing a chauvinistic policy.

“They don’t let you in if you have a Russian passport. It completely ruined my mood.”

One Russian accused the bar of igniting the flames of ethnic hatred in an angry post.

Social media user “Patriot” said: “They are stirring up ethnic strife by demanding that we fill out this humiliating form.”

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