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Taiwan‘s representative to Germany Shieh Jhy-Wey has warned of the risk of an impending attack by China on Taiwan, as Xi Jinping‘s regime has announced new military drills to protest the US support. Since Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, tensions have escalated between Taiwan and China. The visit of a US delegation to Taiwan could be the last straw for China and turn into a full-blown invasion.

Speaking on Deutsche Welle, Mr Khy-Wey said: “They’re going to attack us.

“I have known that

“The Taiwanese have known that since the Tiananmen massacre in 1981 on 1 July. They were killed.

“They attacked Taiwan. If they think it’s necessary, they are threatening us with the military.”

In a show of solidarity with Taiwan, the US has renewed its commitment to democracy in Taiwan by sending a five-member delegation to the island. The delegation, led Democratic Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, met Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen on Monday.

After meeting with President Tsai, Senator Markey said the US had a “moral obligation to do everything we can to prevent an unnecessary conflict and Taiwan has demonstrated incredible restraint and discretion during challenging times”.

China has conducted a military intimidation campaign towards Taiwan since Speaker Pelosi’s visit. Chinese officials said the military drills conducted around the island in early August was launched to “punish” the country for hosting Pelosi.

In a renewed intimidation attempt, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson accused the US of trying to change the “One China” policy.

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