‘We will take revenge’ Ukraine ‘liquidates’ 12 Russians in military base strike | World | News

Footage posted to Telegram by the State Border Guard Service showed numerous burnt-out trucks, collapsed buildings, and debris. said the dozen were “liquidated” in the attack as the defending nation continued its counter-offensive across the country.

“The base of the occupiers was destroyed in Nova Kakhovka,” the post read. 

“At least 12 Rashists [supporters of Russian militarism] were liquidated.”

Russia acknowledged the strike, but immediately hit back with a second attack in the city of Kharkiv in two days.

Yesterday’s shelling killed one in Ukraine’s second city and followed a similar strike a day earlier when seven more people were killed.

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said a block of flats had been “totally destroyed” by the attacks in Kharkiv.

And he warned: “We will not forgive, we will take revenge.”

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President Zelenskiy has told all Ukrainians living in Crimea to avoid Russia military bases following the strikes. 

“Do not approach the military objects of the Russian army,” he said in his latest video address, adding that they might also explode because of “bungling”.

As battles raged along the eastern front, Ukrainian defence minister Oleksii Reznikov said that, contrary to Russian claims, Ukraine had not lost any of the Himars rocket launchers provided to it by the US. Since the start of the conflict, Ukraine has received at least 20 of the US-made launchers, and has used them to attack Russian ammunition depots, command posts, and air defences. Russia has repeatedly claimed to have destroyed a number of the systems.

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