Putin dealt bitter blow as he loses ‘information war’ in Ukraine, says spy chief | World | News

Both and have reportedly been employing cyber attack tactics as the war continues.

Head of GCHQ Jeremy Fleming laid bare Putin’s struggles in a piece he penned for The Economist, adding that disinformation is a huge part of Moscow’s war machine.

He wrote: “So far, President Putin has comprehensively lost the information war in Ukraine and in the West.

“Although that’s cause for celebration, we should not underestimate how Russian disinformation is playing out elsewhere in the world.

“Just as with its land invasion, Russia’s initial online plans appear to have fallen short.

“The country’s use of offensive cyber tools has been irresponsible and indiscriminate.”

The Kremlin has been known to use a similar strategy during conflicts in the Balkans and Syria.

Mr Fleming added that Russia deployed WhisperGate malware to interfere with and destroy Kyiv’s Government systems.

He also said that the UK’s National Cyber Force could hit back at Moscow with a military unit that uses offensive cyber tools.

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He has also called for further sanctions against the Kremlin to be brought in targeting their nuclear industry.

Kyiv and Moscow have both been blaming each other for the escalating violence in the region.

Putin has been accused of attempting to turn the nuclear facility into an army base.

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