Xi Jinping ‘cannot afford’ to invade Taiwan as shock would devastate China’s economy | World | News

President Xi Jinping has ramped up war rhetoric against Taiwan in recent weeks, amid concern among Western intelligence that an invasion is forthcoming. However, Heritage Foundation national security expert James Carafano warned that China’s economy cannot handle “another shockwave”. Speaking to Fox Business, Mr Carafano said that an invasion of Taiwan “would be devastating to the Chinese economy”.

This comes amid a number of Chinese military drills close to Taiwan.

Recently, Beijing deployed 51 warplanes and six military ships around Taiwan after the US announced trade talks with the island.

However, the national security expert claimed that China’s war games “has nothing to do with Taiwan, it has everything to do with what is going on in China”.

He explained: “The party congress, where Xi Jinping will re-affirm his leadership of the CCP, will focus on two issues, which are linked.” 

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He continued: “One is Taiwan, this is a nationalist issue for the Chinese, as well as strategically important.

 “The other is the economy. The economy is having some real issues.

“Look at what is happening with real estate, with the banking, companies are getting delisted.

“Chinese people are concerned about spending and are hoarding more money.

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