Joe Biden faces backlash from Democratic candidates ahead of midterms – ‘Colossal mistake’ | World | News

The US President is set to launch his coast-to-coast tour of America this week in a bid to laud his new climate and tax bill. The tour also comes as Democrats prepare for November’s midterm elections.

Many experts believe the Republicans could emerge victorious in just a few months’ time.

However, some Democratic candidates have warned they fear Mr Biden could hinder their chances on November 8.

Mr Biden has an approval rating of just 40 percent and currently trails ex-POTUS Donald Trump in head-to-head polling.

But President Biden has appeared emboldened in recent weeks after a series of legislative wins in Washington.

One senior Democrat told Reuters: “Sure it was a great month, but the jury is still out whether it actually made a difference or whether it’s just too late.”

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Tim Ryan, a Senate candidate in Ohio, also caused a stir when he cited scheduling conflicts as the reason behind skipping a Biden economic speech in Cleveland.

An official told Reuters that Ryan would only consider appearing with Biden under limited circumstances.

This includes a potential visit made by the 46th President to an Intel plant which is set to eventually provide 3,000 jobs.

However, speaking about political events with Mr Biden, campaign spokesperson Izzi Levy added: “We have not asked him to campaign in Ohio and have no plans to do so.”

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“At this point, it doesn’t make much sense.”

But Democratic strategist Jennifer Holdsworth has called the decision by some to distance themselves from the President a “colossal mistake.”

Holdsworth explained: “This has been a monumentally consequential administration.

“Voters don’t care about the politics of the moment, they care about results and this administration has delivered.”

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