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The head of Mykhailivka, located in the Zaporizhzhia region, was killed in a car bomb explosion on Tuesday. Zaporizhzhia region administration member Vladimir Rogov Telegram said Ivan Sushko was critically injured following the attack and died later in hospital. 

The killing is the latest in a series of assassinations of occupying officials in Ukraine.

The bomb was placed underneath the car.

The advisor to the mayor of the city of Mariupol shared the news on his Telegram.

They said: “First greetings on Independence Day from Zaporizhzhya.

“In Zaporizhzhya region, Ivan Sushko, head of the Mykhailivka city state administration, died as a result of a deliberate car bombing.

“Minus the gloom – plus for Peremogu!”

Mykhailivka is located around an hour from the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, which was captured by the Russians in March and has been the source of intense international fears in recent weeks.

The largest nuclear power plant in Europe has been shelled by Russian forces, with reports saying generators within the plant are damaged.

There have also been allegations Russia has been torturing Ukrainian staff, who continue to run the plant under Moscow’s supervision.

The assassination of Sushko follows the killing of a deputy head in Kherson on August 6.

A Russian installed official of Novaya Kakhovka was shot dead in his home.

The killing comes as Ukraine marks 31 years since Ukraine broke free from the Russia-dominated Soviet Union.

The anniversary falls exactly six months after Russia began its bloody invasion of the country.

President Zelensky made an address in Kyiv on Wednesday to mark the occasion, despite urging Ukrainians to not gather or have public celebrations.

He said: “A new nation appeared in the world on February 24 at four in the morning. It was not born, but reborn.

“A nation that did not cry, scream or take fright. One that did not flee. Did not give up. And did not forget.”

He continued: “We are fighting against the most terrible threat to our statehood and also at a time when we have achieved the greatest level of national unity.”

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