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Armed Forces Minister James Heappey said stopping supporting Ukraine will not bring the situation back to where it was before the war in terms of economy and cost of living crisis. Amid fear over the cost of living crisis and soaring energy bills this autumn, he stressed the importance for the west to provide continued support to Ukraine as he explained western safety and security “very much depends on doing the right thing in Ukraine”. He said the way the west acts in regards to Ukraine is being watched by China’s President Xi Jinping as failing to back Ukraine “might encourage him” to invade Taiwan and consequently to put global security at stake.

Mr Heappey told Talk TV presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer: “It is the hard realty that whilst it might seem superficial that by stopping supporting Ukraine and by hoping that that would bring that war to an end, and then we can normalise economic relations with Russia and everything would then spring back to where it was before the war.

“That won’t be the case.”

He continued: “If you allow this war to end on anything other than President Zelensky’s terms, you’re effectively giving Putin territorial reward for his belligerence.

“What we’ve seen in south Odessa, in Georgia or in Crimea is that when you give him that reward, he goes away, he rearms and then he goes again.

“It’s not just Putin to whom the message needs to be sent.

“Xi Jinping will be watching very carefully around the way the world responds and the way that the world maintains its solidarity over Ukraine.

“If he comes to some calculations that you could take Taiwan, and it would be just a few months of international opprobrium before the world gets back to normal, that might encourage him to get on and do it.”

He concluded: “For the next 20 or 30 years of this century, our security and the expensiveness of our lives very much depends on doing the right thing in Ukraine”.

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