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French police have been captured in a startling new video as they conducted an aggressive operation to stop a group of migrants launching a boat off the coast of Dunkirk. A group of people fitted with life vests rushed towards the sea, carrying a small inflatable dinghy on their shoulders as they sprinted across the beach. The group, understood to have included Albanian and Iraqi Kurd migrants, were intercepted by a team of French police who slashed the boat in an effort to stop the launch. As the group split and some people moved towards the officers, the police reacted by promptly pepper spraying the migrants, forcing them to flee the scene.

A reporter in the video released by Channel 4 relayed the events from the beach: “We’ve got about 40 or 50 people and the police buggy has just turned up to try and stop them.”

The group are understood to have been attempting to cross the British Channel to reach UK shores.

Most of the group abandoned their Channel crossing bid as the boat began to visibly deflate after suffering a puncture from the police intervention. 

One man in a grey hoodie appeared to rush forward to confront the officers as the boat fell to the floor, but several members of the French police quickly pepper-sprayed him at close range causing him to retreat.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Defence confirmed over 20,000 migrants had already made the trip across the Channel this year alone.

By the same point in 2021, just over 11,300 crossings had been confirmed by the Government, demonstrating the sharp rise in migrants reaching UK shores.

Thousands of migrants have already made the dangerous journey this year, with many more expected over the coming months, in order to apply for asylum once they reach UK soil.

The Government has come under increasing pressure to crackdown on migrants reaching the country through dangerous and illegal routes as taxpayers are forced to front the extraordinary costs of the asylum system.

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