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Harry Kazianis, a war strategy expert, told Express.co.uk that Putin needs to try and win the war “in the next 60 days”. If he fails, Mr Kazinis said, his “regime is in trouble”. The pressure mounting on Putin could lead him to launch a form of “suicidal strike”, a style of attack which involves accepting high numbers of casualties in order to progress in the war effort.

The Russian army has made limited progress in its war against Ukraine, which has now passed the six-month mark.

Putin’s forces have suffered humiliating losses, with Kyiv claiming to have killed as many as 44,000 soldiers and destroyed 1,800 tanks.

Speaking about the ailing war effort, Mr Kazianis told Express.co.uk: “Putin is in a situation where he has to try and win the war in the next 60 days.”

He explained: “Putin doesn’t really have the ability to drive up his force numbers to launch an offensive to take Kyiv or Ukraine.

“That’s really the big problem.

“It’s what they call ‘force generation issues’.

“His only option is to bring them in from foreign assets, or he can start drafting people into the military and essentially do a declaration of war.

“So there is a lot of other things he can do in the next 30 to 60 days.

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Just this month, Western allies marked the war’s six-month milestone by announcing further military support for Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden pledged $2.98 billion (£2.5bn) for “air defence systems, artillery systems and munitions, counter-unmanned aerial systems, and radars.”

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised £54 million more in weaponry on a visit to Kyiv.

Speaking about increasing numbers of weapons being sent to Ukraine from Western allies, Mr Kazianis said: “They’re basically going to be able to ensure that where the battle lines are drawn right now, they’re not going to be able to move that much.

“Putin’s got to make a choice – does he live with a loss, or does he do something more drastic?

“So it’s a really scary situation, it really is.”

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