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Ukrainian journalist Olga Tokariuk told James O’Brien on LBC that roughly 90 percent of believe they will not only win the war against Russia but reclaim occupied territories, such as Crimea, that have been under Russian rule for almost a decade. Ms Tokariuk said Ukainians are engaged in an “existential battle” for their identity, as well as their independence, and will not stop fighting until their last man to ensure the sovereignty of their country is protected from autocratic leaders such as . It comes as Ukraine mourns the loss of 25 civilians after a Russian missile strike on a train station in the Dnipropetrovsk region during their Independence day. 

Ms Tokariuk said: “If we look at the polls and the mood in Ukraine, you’d be surprised to see how resilient Ukrainians are and how much they believe in a victory. 

“So, the poll, published last week, showed that 90 percent of Ukrainians believe that they will win this war and also restore control of the occupied territories, including Crimea and Donbas, something that might be looking very fantastic and far away in time but people are very hopeful. 

“This gives you an idea of the incredible resilience and spirit of Ukrainians that is not fading away six months into the war.” 

Mr O’Brien said: “That’s probably the largest element of Putin’s miscalculation in the first place, that it is an existential threat Ukrainian people feel and they will fight till their dying breath to resist the invasion.” 

Ms Tokariuk said: “Absolutely. It is a war of annihilation, a genocidal war, and Russia is just hellbent on destroying Ukrainian independence and identity, and Ukrainians are well aware of that. 

“Increasingly, other countries are becoming aware of that as well. So, it’s not some sort of standoff between NATO and Russia, or some other reasons that Russia presented for war, such as denazification of Ukraine, which is complete nonsense. 

“It is an existential battle for Ukrainians and that explains the resilience and spirit in the fight. 

“And this is also, of course, a fight for democracy and not just in Ukraine.” 

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Russia’s defence ministry said on Thursday its forces had hit a military train at Chaplyne railway station in Ukraine’s Dnipropetrovsk region. Russia had previously refrained from taking responsibility for the attack on Wednesday. 

Kyiv says 25 civilians died in the Russian strike, which it says was aimed at residential areas.

In its daily briefing on Thursday, Russia’s defence ministry said an Iskander missile had hit a military train at Chaplyn that was set to deliver arms to the frontline in the eastern Donbas region.

Moscow also said it had destroyed eight Ukrainian fighter planes in strikes against air bases in Ukraine’s Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk regions. If true, that would be one of the heaviest losses for Ukraine’s airforce in recent weeks.

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