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Retired Nurse Sherri Russo was on the phone outside of her home in New York State when the animal crept up behind her and began its attack. At first, Ms Russo thought it was her neighbour’s dog, but a short time later she realised it was a crazed fox.

The animal can be seen sneaking up behind Ms Russo before it attacks her leg. Despite her defensive kicks towards the animals, some which sent it flying back, the animal doesn’t relent.

The fox eventually swings up into Ms Russo’s arms where it bit her hand before a neighbour with a broom handle finally scares it away.

Ms Russo was then rushed to the hospital with 16 puncture wounds on her left leg and her right hand where she was given rabies vaccines and antibiotics.

The fox was reportedly captured and killed after the attack and did test positive for rabies.

Ms Russo said she thought the animal was going to attack her face and that she would be “eaten” in her front garden, according to reporting by the Daily Star.

She said: “I was so fearful that he was going to knock me over, he was going to attack my face and I was going to be eaten in my front yard.

“When I got the first nip on the outside of my leg, I actually thought it was our neighbour’s dog.

“I lifted my leg and was getting ready to say ‘hey, what are you doing?’ and shoo him away but I looked down and I saw this grey fox.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I realise there was a rabid fox [there].”

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He wrote on Facebook that “she did everything right [during the attack]” and reiterated that his cousin “is ok”.

Foxes are a common carrier of rabies in the United States although they account for less cases than other animals such as bats, raccoons and skunks.

The UK is considered to be rabies free, although some rabies-like viruses occur in bats.

The last case of recorded rabies in the UK was in 2012 and that individual contracted the virus after being bitten by a dog in South Asia.

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