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Six people have been injured in the incident. The vehicle was found abandoned a short distance away. Brussels mayor Philippe Close Brussels mayor Philippe Close said it was too early to determine why the driver had smashed into the café terrace. A suspect has since been arrested in Antwerp, according to local media.

Brussels police have said that just before 1pm, August 26 the driver drove into the terrace in Sint-Michielsstraat.

None of the six injured were taken to hospital. CCTV footage from the scene shows a white van hit part of the outdoor seating area, knocking several customers out of their chairs.

The van then continues on and begins to turn onto another road.

One witness told the Belgian broadcaster VRT: “The driver drove from left to right down the street and hit everything he came across. We, my girlfriend and I, had to jump for our lives.”

He added: “There was panic. People were screaming and yelling. I saw some people were injured too. Most of them were in shock. I was in shock myself. It was terrible.”

However, Brussels mayor Philippe Close, who reviewed the footage, said that it was too early to determine the driver’s motive. He did confirm that the footage showed that the driver acted alone.

He told Le Soir newspaper: “A van, of the delivery type, entered by rue Saint-Michel, turned around in this same street and rushed towards the terrace of an establishment.

“The people who witnessed this accident were all taken to the police station for questioning. These are tourists, city employees, residents and Belgians visiting the capital.”

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The British Embassy in Belgium has said that it is aware of the incident and advised Britons to follow “official guidance” if they were in the area.

A Belgian bomb disposal team (DOVO) was reportedly on site to examine the van, however there have been no reports of a further threat.

A police spokeswoman confirmed that the driver had fled the vehicle. Local media has reported that a man was arrested in Antwerp in connection with the incident.

In a Twitter update, Belgium’s Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden said she was in “close contact” with Belgian security services and thanked the emergency services for their work at the scene.

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