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Ukraine’s “Kharkiv” army group destroyed the “Tunguska” 2S6 air defence system with several strikes. In the footage, the vehicle is uncovered beneath some shrubbery, before Ukrainian forces then retreat to destroy it. The defence system blows up into a fireball as it is struck before plumes of white smoke billow from its destroyed framework. It comes as Russia and blame each other for a near-catastrophe as electricity supplies to Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhya were cut off for several hours after a nearby fire, risking a radiation disaster.  

Footage of the attack in Kharkiv showed the vehicle, surrounded by local townhouses, being blown up from afar. 

The precision strike managed to successfully immobilise and nullify the defence system without causing damage to the nearby area. 

A follow-up shot from above shows the vehicle in flames with smoke billowing from its turret and top. 

The attack was geolocated to the small village of Hoptivka in the Kharkiv Oblast. 

Meanwhile, the world narrowly escaped a radiation disaster when electricity to Europe’s largest nuclear power plant was cut for hours, Ukraine’s president said, urging international bodies to act faster to force Russian troops to vacate the site.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russian shelling on Thursday had sparked fires in the ash pits of a nearby coal power station that disconnected the Zaporizhzhya plant from the power grid. A Russian official said Ukraine was to blame.

Back-up diesel generators ensured power supply that is vital for cooling and safety systems at the plant, Mr Zelensky said, praising the Ukrainian technicians who operate the plant under the gaze of the Russian military.

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