Russian pundit accuses Olaf Scholz of imitating Adolf Hitler ‘Like his moustachioed idol!’ | World | News

Speaking on Russia state TV, host Vladimir Solovyov accused Olaf Scholz of attempting to imitate “his moustachioed idol” Adolf Hitler. The comments came as the German Chancellor was seen climbing on a tank at the German military facility where Ukrainian soldiers are now undergoing training to use German Gepard armoured vehicles. After comparing a photo of Mr Scholz to an old photo of the German dictator climbing on a Nazi tank during WW2, the Russian propagandist called for missile strikes on the German training centre.

Speaking on Channel 1, Vladimir Solovyov said: “The man has gone completely bonkers, what happened to him? How can he be so mad?”

Speaking to his audience and panellists standing next to him, he continued: “To start with I’ll show you something so that it’s clear.

“So, Scholz visits his Banderite scum and begins to show them German tanks.”

A “Banderite” or “Banderovite” was a member of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists which was established in 1929 in Vienna by a group of right-wing Ukrainian nationalists.

The organisation, known as OUN-B, has been engaged in various atrocities, including the killing of thousands of civilians.

The term “banderite” derives from Stepan Bandera, head of the political organisation.

Showing a video of the German Chancellor attempting to climb on a tank in the background, he commented: “He climbs up the ladder onto the German tank and then he has some photos taken.

“Why did he climb onto it? He climbed onto it to be like his idol!”

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He then concluded: “I’ve got a question for us if we want that there, on German land, Nazis are training Banderite scum to use Germany military equipment.

“Why should we wait for them to appear on the front? Why shouldn’t we consider them a legitimate target right there? Why shouldn’t we strike the Ukrainian Reich’s terrorist forces which are undergoing training in Deutschland?”

The video, posted on Twitter by BBC correspondent Francis Scarr, read the caption: “Occasionally even I am shocked by what I see on Russian state TV.

“Last night Vladimir Solovyov accused Olaf Scholz of imitating “his idol” Adolf Hitler and called for missile strikes on the German military facility where Ukrainian soldiers are being trained to use Gepard tanks”.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz met Ukrainian soldiers in northern Germany on Thursday.

During the visit, Mr Scholz expressed his deep admiration for the “courage” Ukrainian soldiers have been showing in their fight against Russia and vowed the delivery of more heavy weapons to the country in the coming months.

Referring to the announcement, the German Chancellor stressed: “Ukraine has the right to defend its own country, integrity, independence and sovereignty”.

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