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A collaborator and Ukrainian separatist reportedly named Askyar Laishev was trapped in a car bomb attack on August 11. Surveillance footage shows a dark SUV passing by a building with Mr Laishev reportedly driving the car. As the car passes, a bomb goes off with a loud bang with fire leaving a trail of destruction.

The blazing trail was caused by a bomb that exploded as the car approached the trap. The line of fire covers the whole road and extends a few metres away. It remains unclear whether Askyar Laishev perished in the attack. Some sources say he died following the car bomb, while others allege he survived with 90 percent of his body burnt.

Visegrad24, a news aggregator bringing 24/7 updates from Ukraine, reports it is “more likely” Mr Laishev died in the attack.

According to Ukrainian forces, the Ukrainian traitor jumped out of the car and was taken to the intensive care unit. Mr Laishev died in the hospital, Ukrainian forces report.

Askyar Laishev was given a top position in the local police after Russian forces invaded the city.

Ukrainian forces allegedly blew up the car in the Russian-occupied city of Starobilsk in Luhansk – one of the two provinces Vladimir Putin unilaterally recognised as independent before launching a full-blown invasion of Ukraine.

News of the attack comes as Russia is intensifying attacks amid rumours of a major Ukrainian counteroffensive in the eastern Donbas region, according to British intelligence.

“There is a realistic possibility that Russia has increased its efforts in the Donbas in an attempt to draw in or fix additional Ukrainian units, amid speculation that Ukraine is planning a major counter-offensive,” the UK Ministry of Defence reported.

Amid the intensifying attacks in the region, the governor of Donetsk province says three-quarters of its population has been evacuated.

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“There is practically not a single major town or city that is not subject to [Russian] shelling,” the governor told Ukrainian TV, Reuters reports.

On a visit to Canada, NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg insisted the military alliance needs to boost security along NATO’s northern flank to counter Russia.

“The high north is strategically important for Euro-Atlantic security,” Mr Stoltenberg said. With Finland and Sweden joining Nato, he noted, seven of eight Arctic states would be members.

Referring to the North American aerospace defence command (Norad), a US-Canadian organisation, Mr Stoltenberg said: “The shortest path to North America for Russian missiles and bombers would be over the North Pole. This makes Norad’s role vital for North America and therefore also for NATO.”

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