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Historian Sergey Radchenko argued Russia needs to be humiliated by Ukraine as he stressed it is time for Russians to “wake up to the idea” that Ukraine is “an independent country” and it “actually and objectively exists”. Mr Radchenko said that through its latest achievements and counter-attacks, Ukraine has already successfully shown Russia that it is not its “puppet” and, referring to the west as a collective, he argued that the western community does not need to “humiliate” Russia as Russians “already feel humiliated” by the west. Mr Radchenko dismissed the possibility of an agreement between Russia and Ukraine as he explained for Ukrainians the current war is an “existential issue” and negotiating would mean “giving up much of their territory”.

Mr Radchenko told Times Radio: “We need to think about the kind of humiliation that Russia needs.

“Russia is at war with Ukraine and Ukraine is pushing back hard. Ukraine is scoring victories or at least pushing back against the Russian onslaught in eastern Ukraine.

“That is the kind of humiliation that Russia needs to wake up to the idea that Ukraine is an independent country, it’s been 30 years.”

He continued: “It’s about time that they can come around and recognise that Ukraine actually exists, it objectively exists.

“Ukraine is not Russia’s puppet and it’s not going to be Russia’s puppet. Ukraine’s role in driving this point to the Russians is extremely important.”

Referring to the western community, he argued: “I don’t think that we need to, as the collective west, worry about humiliating Russia too much because the Russians already feel humiliated by the west.

“That’s not the kind of humiliation that [Russia needs at the moment]. I’m talking about Ukraine and Ukraine needs to make the point and has been making this point very successfully.”

Referring to the prospect of a possible agreement or negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, he said: “[An agreement between Russia and Ukraine] is extremely difficult at the moment.”

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