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A footage captures the moment a thick cloud of smoke is seen emerging from behind an apartment block in the Ukrainian region of Kherson Oblast, now under Russian control. The smoke is believed to come from Sokol military equipment factory, possibly being used by Russian forces as a military base in the Nova Kakhovka area located in Kherson Oblast.

In the video, the smoke of cloud is seen rising from behind a high apartment block standing right in front a factory believe to be used baby Russian troops as military base in the region of Kherson Oblast.

As the smoke is seen rising from the ground, civilians’ vehicles are seen slowing down on the roads leading to the Russian-occupied factory.

The footage, released on Twitter by @TryxaNews, read the caption: “The destruction of the Russian base in Nova Kakhovka is reported.

“The information is being verified”.

Together with the video, an additional picture released by the same account capture the exact moment the huge cloud of smoke stretches all over the large apartment block.

The initial video seems to have been taken by a viewer located right in front of the residential block standing in front of the facility on fire.

The region, Kherson Oblast, has been under continual Russian control since the beginning of the war in February.

In the last few weeks, Ukrainian forces have been attempting to conduct a counter offensive to retake control over the region.

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Last week Ukraine claimed they have taken out a bridge that resulted in a great impact on the Russian supply lines to the Kherson region as part of their counter attack campaign.

Following the attack, a deputy to the Kherson regional council Serhii Khlan reportedly said: “The Russians no longer have any capability to fully turn over their equipment”.

The video of the explosion at the Russian-controlled factory came after Ukraine confirmed that due to fire damage to a transmission line Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was temporarily knocked offline.

Satellite images from Planet Labs have for instance showed the presence of fires burning around the facility over the last days as consequence of continual shelling performed in the premises.

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