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It comes as reports indicate that the Russian military is running seriously low on its stocks of high-precision weapons. The Russian army is facing a potentially major Ukrainian counteroffensive in in Kherson province, forcing commanders to reinforce their defensive positions. Recent days have seen an uptick in sorties carried out by Russia’s airforce, as they seek to contain a resurgent Ukrainian army.

In a mission on Sunday, a Russian SU-35 fighter jet fired off an X-59 cruise missile at a military target.

Unfortunately for the pilot, the high-precision missile succeeded in only wiping out a public toilet on the outskirts of the city of Novovorontsovka.

Ukraine’s Southern Military Command could not contain their laughter as they announced the news in a statement n their Facebook page.

They wrote: “A high-speed rocket class ‘air-surface’ X-59, released from an enemy SU-35, targeted another public toilet on the outskirts of Novovorontsovka.

“This is the second time the enemy is trying to appease Putler.”

“The cost of the X-59 is several hundred thousand (dollars).”

Official literature on the X-59 says it was designed to hit “important ground and surface targets covered by anti-aircraft defenсes.”

Ukraine’s military intelligence claimed over the weekend that the Kremlin was facing a “difficult situation” with regard to its supply of high-precision missiles.

Vadym Skibitskyi said that Moscow retained only 45 percent of its pre-war missile stock.

In particular, he highlighted that Russia was rapidly running out of Iskanders.

The Intelligence officer said: “In general, about 20 percent of what was there remained, and maybe even less.”

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A communique purportedly issued by a Russian missile factory urged managers to force shop floor staff to work overtime without their consent.

Additionally, managers were exhorted to force workers to do shifts on weekends and holidays – again without their consent.

The communique was published by social media user Mykhailo Golub on his Twitter page.

Mr Golub wrote: “The Russian missile industry forced its employees to work on 12/6 shifts.”

“12/6” means twelve hours a day for six days a week.

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