Russians FLEE as explosions rock major city with giant fireballs lighting up sky | World | News

Videos on social media show the major city, which is located just 25 miles from the Ukraine border, show the population fleeing the area after explosions reportedly rock the city. 


A foreign policy expert, based in Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv, shared a video that appeared to show hundreds of people – some with suitcases – trying to leave the city. 

He wrote: “Russians are fleeing Belgorod as explosions rock the city and air defence activity lights up the sky…”

A video from the scene was also shared by a Ukraine-born former racecar driver. 

Writing on Twitter, he said: “Belgorod is located 25 miles from the border with #Ukraine. 

“The population is frantically trying to flee to inland Russia after multiple reported strikes.

“Putin is an idiot. History books will place the responsibility for the demise of Russia squarely on him.”

He later posted a video that appeared to show an explosion hitting the area. 

Alongside the video, he wrote: “One such strike in #Belgorod was caught on camera. You can also hear helicopters.”


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