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Emmanuel Macron has heaped praise on the European Union in a self-congratulating speech to French ambassadors in Paris. Mr Macron suggested that forecasts warning that Brexit would trigger other countries to quit the bloc have been proven wrong with the EU now “stronger and “more sovereign.”

President Macron told the event: “We have changed Europe it is no longer the same as it was five years ago, it is more aware it is more sovereign. It is stronger.

“In this way, we have actually made sure all those scandalmongers who were saying how Brexit was just the beginning of a whole series of other exits from the EU have been proved wrong.

“This is something that shows that our democratic model has been upheld, our multilateralism has also been very efficient. 

“Five years ago, the United States were a very strong country which is one of the strongest countries in the world decided to step out of many of the agreements, such as the Paris Agreement for climate but also the nuclear proliferation agreements.

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“Therefore we have to face real risks concerning our multilateralism and the risk of it collapsing.

“This of course was something that we had to defend with lucidity with clear-mindedness, and I think what we have tried to do collectively is to preserve efficient multilateralism by working together will all the different stakeholders whether they be states or governments, corporations or civil society.”

President Macron said on Thursday that he would continue to dialogue with Russia to help prevent the Ukraine conflict escalating, but pledged France’s unwavering support for Kyiv in what he said would be a long war.

Mr Macron has in the past been criticised by Ukraine and eastern European allies for what they perceived as his ambiguous backing for Kyiv since Russia’s invasion of its neighbour, and his repeated dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“France will continue to talk to Russia,” he said.

“Who wants Turkey to be the only power in the world which continues to talk to Russia?” 

France’s president said on Thursday he hoped a deal to revive the Iran nuclear deal would be concluded in the coming days.

“I hope that in the next few days the JCPOA will be concluded,” Mr Macron said, referring to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action as the deal is formally known.


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