Detailed inventory of FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search released by Justice Department

FBI agents who searched former U.S. president Donald Trump’s Florida home last month found empty folders marked with classified banners.

That’s according to a more detailed inventory of the seized material made public by the Justice Department on Friday.

The inventory reveals in general terms the contents of 33 boxes taken from Mar-a-Lago during the Aug. 8 search.

It shows the extent to which newspapers, magazines and other items were commingled among documents that investigators say were marked as classified, including at the top-secret level.

More to come

A letter from acting archivist of the United States, Debra Steidel Wall, to Trump’s legal team is photographed on Tuesday. The letter details that the National Archives recovered 100 documents bearing classified markings, totalling more than 700 pages, from an initial batch of 15 boxes retrieved from Mar-a-Lago earlier in 2022. (Jon Elswick/The Associated Press)

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