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Russian children had to listen to Russian TV host Vladimir Solovyov deliver a deranged lecture about the meaning and purpose of life. Pushing Kremlin propaganda, Mr Solovyov claimed Russia is fighting “on the side of good” amid the war in Ukraine. Russia’s forces, he added bizarrely, are fighting for what he claimed was a greater good.

Speaking to an audience of Russian children, he launched into an unhinged tirade, saying: “We’re the greatest country!

“Not because we’re better off than everyone else. No!

“Not because our life expectancy is the highest. No!

“We’re the greatest country because we have the greatest destiny. We’re fighting on the side of good!”


After an awkward pause, Mr Solovyov then added: “We’re standing and covering with our own bodies the children who are being killed by Ukro-Nazis.

“Your brothers and fathers, they’re there on the front line. Every day they’re doing a difficult, man’s job.

“The aim of a person’s life is not to go on living happily.”

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