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The Russian President appeared in front of an audience of school children in Kaliningrad to conduct what the Kremlin branded as an “open lesson.” While Vladimir Putin discussed the importance of Russian history and Moscow’s decision to launch a “special military operation” in Ukraine, his composure snatched the attention of viewers. President Putin appeared jittery during the address, fidgeting his legs and rolling his heels as he was seated on the stage. His restless presentation has reignited speculation over the Russian leader’s health, as speculation has risen in recent months about President Putin suffering from a number of serious health conditions as his physical appearance has steadily deteriorated.

A video clip of the conference was posted to Twitter by BBC Russian journalist Ilya Barabanov.

The footage showed President Putin gripping the arm of his chair as he sat, somewhat slouched, with his feet and legs appearing to twitch relentlessly.

In a caption accompanying the post, Mr Barabanov asked: “What’s going on with his legs?

“He’s not five years old. There must be a medical explanation for this.”

Social media users quickly flocked to the footage, speculating on what medical reason could cause President Putin’s apparent lack of steady composure.

User @SimonLock74 suggested: “Restless leg syndrome.”

Another reply from user @Boriz108, translated from Russian, said: “Signs of advanced schizophrenia. The patient is unable to rest due to obsessions.

The tweet added: “This is manifested in excessive mobility.”

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