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Moscow’s armed forces have suffered a heavy blow after a Russian ammunition depot was obliterated by Ukrainian forces in the Melitopol region. Video footage from the scene captured the horrifying aftermath of the attack as towering fires burned high against the pitch-black sky. In the recording, a series of continuous explosions can be heard rattling out in the distance, reported to be the result of Russian ammunition detonating in the blaze. The attack is expected to have wiped out a significant amount of Kremlin artillery as Ukraine moves to strategically weaken the Russian forces occupying southern cities.

Local authorities in the Melitopol region claimed two Russian military sites had been targeted in the attack, which was described as a “hellish night for the occupiers.”

In a statement on Telegram, Regional Mayor Ivan Fedorov said: “According to preliminary reports, two enemy locations were hit at once. The first was an ammunition depot near the airfield.”

He added: “Regarding the second, we are clarifying the information.”

According to the Mayor, the echoes of detonations continued to ring out from the site for several hours after the initial explosion.

The news comes as Ukraine is said to be mounting the beginnings of an offensive operation to reclaim southern territories under Russian control.

Similar attacks on Russian ammunition depots have been recorded across other occupied cities, including close to the port city of Kherson.

The Ukrainian military has made use of long-range weapons, provisioned by western allies, to strike Russian bases in the south and weaken the Kremlin’s forces ahead of a larger offensive.

The Ministry of Defence reported: “Ukrainian Armed Forces have continued offensive operations in southern Ukraine, supported by intensive long-range strikes against Russian command and logistics locations across the occupied zone.”

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The destruction of Russian ammunition depots is expected to enhance pressure on the Kremlin regime which is already struggling to sustain supplies of both artillery and troops.

Moscow has suffered an independently verified loss of over 5,000 pieces of equipment and military vehicles since the conflict began, although the number is expected to be far higher as reports from the war are notoriously difficult to confirm.

The Ukrainian Defence Ministry estimates the Russians have lost a staggering 4,366 armoured combat vehicles alone, in addition to thousands more tanks, vehicles, and artillery.

The Kremlin has been fiercely protective of data from the conflict, with Russia declining to provide an update on the equipment losses or casualties from the war since the early weeks of the invasion.

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