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Chair of Urban Warfare Studies Major John Spencer revealed Russian officials at the front have left Kherson front line after the latest updates which see Ukrainian troops making successful achievements in the Russian-occupied Kherson region. Major Spencer stressed Putin’s troops are now “demoralised” and forecasted a successful offensive in Kherson could be “the tipping point of the change of tide” for Ukraine as well as the “the start of the push to push Russians back”. The comments came as Ukrainian military said Ukraine has broken down at least one front line in the Kherson region.

Major Spencer told Times Radio: “I think the key right now is the fact that Ukrainians have put into place a situation where you have Russians on the west side of the Dnipro who are now cut off.

“It’s going to be a tough fight on the defensive but [Russian soldiers] are demoralised now, certain leaders left last week who have been abandoned on this side, that’s a formal target.

“If the Ukrainians can take that part of the Kherson area that the actual city area west of the Dnipro, it would be a major win.

“[It would be] the first offensive win of Ukraine of this war but could be the tipping point of the change of tide and the start of the push to push Russians back.”

He continued: “The Russians want a war of attrition, they want Ukrainians to come out and go face to face with them.”

He added: “For weeks now, we’ve seen that increase having taken out all the bridges, taking out pontoons after the Russians tried to put up a bridge after the read bridge is blown.

“[Ukrainians] have been weakening the Russians, they have these superior weapons that can hit the Russians in their defensive positions.

“There was a breakthrough, I don’t think that anybody can deny that the Ukrainians broke through at least the first line of Russian defences in the Kherson Oblast.

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This week advisor to President Zelensky Oleksiy Arestovych said Ukrainian forces “have broken through the [Russian] frontline in several places” in the Kherson region.

Referring to the operation, he also said that move was conducted in just “a few hours”.

Mr Spencer also added: “Offensive takes a lot of resource and this is a dangerous situation as even now there’s a media blackout because [Ukrainians] are concerned about the reporting of the movements of Ukrainian forces.

“Those weapons systems are the key to their ability to do this and they’ve shown the world that if they are given the systems needed, they’ll implement them smartly and safely”.

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