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Vladimir Putin‘s pundits gathered on Russian TV on Thursday for a debate show on the war in Ukraine and the shadowy battle between Russian and Western security services. The presenters and panel openly gloated about the possibility of Russia launching covert actions to kill Pentagon and CIA officials. 

Military analyst Dimitry Drozdenko told Russian television: “Sudoplatov’s plans were of a broader nature they were extraterritorial.

“At a minimum, we should resurrect or create a specialization, maybe the FSB are already doing that just not in the open.”

Host Andrey Norkin asked: “Regarding the extraterritorial nature of our potential operations do you believe we should be taking measures not only on the Ukrainian territory?”

“Diversionary tactics are already taking place on the territory of the Russian Federation, in Moscow, there are already casualties ” replied pundit Viktor Olevich. 

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“Therefore I can’t exclude the possibility that we may witness certain events on the territory of third countries, not Ukraine. Definitely,”

Co-host Ivan Trushkin interrupted with: “Pardon my fantasy but what if some Pentagon official, who was responsible for handling Ukraine, chokes on a cherry pit? Would that help stop subversive activities on our territory?

Olevich said: “They most likely won’t stop, but with time, tit-for-tat actions could change the situation. I just wouldn’t count on it having an immediate effect.”

State Duma member Alexander Kazakov continued: “Within the next two weeks, if five SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) colonels and one CIA colonel were to perish by any means—ran over by a car, fell out of a window, got shot, died in an explosion—in America, Europe or elsewhere, will that change anything in terms of the terror directed at us?

The site was captured by Russian forces soon after they invaded Ukraine in late February and has become a focus of deep concern over the possibility that shelling in the vicinity could cause a nuclear disaster.

Moscow and Kyiv blame each other for the shelling. Kyiv accuses Moscow of using the facility to shield its forces, a charge Moscow denies while rejecting calls to withdraw its troops. The plant is still run by Ukrainian staff.

Grossi said on his return to Ukrainian-held territory on Thursday: “It is obvious that the plant and the physical integrity of the plant has been violated, several times … this is something that cannot continue to happen.”

He said his experts would stay at the facility and he would continue to worry until the situation had stabilised.

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